Sovellusmestarit is a Finnish importer and contract manufacturer. The fast growing and constantly developing company specializes in the fields of compressed air technology, instrumentation technology, and flow technology. Through planning, procurement of components, manufacturing, and testing, we offer our customers added value throughout the entire supply chain – from planning stage to the finished intermediate or end product.
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Our main services include Contract Manufacturing, Planning, Training and Sales of wide range of instrumentation products. Decreasing total costs for our customers is very important. We proactively give recommendations for product and process development. This helps our customers improve their competetiveness and brings us growth and continuity = Results through cooperation.
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Our aim us to be an open and trustworthy partner. We commit to developing our operations based on measurable objectives. Our mission is to improve the competitiveness of our customers through inventive solutions, cost efficient manufacturing, and supply chain optimization.
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Oil & Gas 40%

Pulp & Paper 17%

Mechanical Engineering 13%

Trade 10%

Marine & Offshore 20%

For our customers, we manufacture ready packages for instrumentation and automation applications. Newest machines and tools guarantee manufacturing quality and cost-efficiency. To ensure the best possible service and the highest quality of work, we invest in continuously and systematically training our staff on manufacturing processes, work safety, and quality.

Planning begins with the needs of our customers. We analyse their needs and engage pre-planning to find best solutions. Working together with our customers, we have been part of various product development and standardization projects.

At the start of Sovellusmestarit’s business, there were training services and they are still part of our offering. We always tailor-make trainings according to the specific needs of our customers. Our trainings focus on the planning and implementation of compressed air and instrumentation systems, work safety, and quality.

The operations of Sovellusmestarit are based on a certified quality system that covers all areas and processes of operations. The quality has been ensured by the ISO9005: 2015 quality system, which has been in force since 2019 and re-certified until the beginning of 2025. All the products we deliver go through quality inspections to ensure customer satisfaction with the products we supply and the systems we manufacture. The quality control of the systems is tailored to the needs of the customers.


In 2008, Mikko Rantanen founded Sovellusmestarit Oy after having worked almost 20 years in various functions in the fields of pneumatics and instrumentation. After its inception the company engaged in consultations and trainings on energy savings in different industrial areas. Very soon after that, the operations were diversified to include the import of instrumentation components, sales, and contract manufacturing services.

The development of energy saving solutions, however, continued especially in the paper- and board industry and lead to the commercialization of an innovative paper roll conveyor. In 2009, Sovellusmestarit received the regional InnoSuomi-award for its conveyor solution. In the following years, the MoveRoll product family has been built around the conveyor solution. In 2011, Mikko Rantanen founded MoveRoll Oy to sell and market these MoveRoll products. More information about MoveRoll Oy and the steadily growing product selection can be found on MoveRoll’s website www.moveroll.com.

Among companies that are manufacturing products for the oil-, gas-, process- and maritime industries, Sovellusmestarit Oy has reached and established and strong position as instrumentation solution planner, component supplier, and contract manufacturer. We are continuously expanding our operations to new product and service sectors. A good example for this is our webstore Instrustore.com, which has been open added to our services in 2015.

  • 2008

    Sovellusmestarit was established in Porvoo, Finland.

  • 2010

    Cooperation strengthened with key customers and partners.

  • 2014

    Sovellusmestarit moved to new larger facilities due to continuous growth and expansion needs.

  • 2018

    Sovellusmestarit was certified with ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

  • 2020

    Sovellusmestarit enters in official agreement with Norgren for distribution of pneumatic products in Finnish market.

  • 2021

    Pimatic Oy acquires 100% of the shares of Sovellusmestarit Oy.