We want to do what is right – Our whistleblowing service

The Whistleblower service stands as an indispensable tool in our commitment to robust risk management and the preservation of trust. It serves as a proactive measure, facilitating the early detection and intervention in potential misconduct within our organization.

While we strongly encourage direct communication with our leadership, we understand that some may feel uneasy about openly sharing information. In recognition of this, we provide a secure and anonymous channel for reporting concerns.

Our handling of reports strictly aligns with the regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and adheres to guidelines specific to whistleblowers. The meticulous processing of Whistleblower initiatives is overseen by Dacke Industri, the owner of our group.

Embracing the benefits of whistleblowing, we recognize its role in fostering a culture of transparency and accountability. By utilizing this service, individuals contribute to the overall health and integrity of our organization. For a detailed understanding of our code of conduct and whistleblowing service, please visit the Dacke Industrin page through this link. From the same page, you can confidentially submit a report, ensuring your voice is heard and valued.